Nude Lips

Nude lips have a subtle, classy look that goes great with dramatic and bold eyes. Your perfect nude shade will depend entirely on your skin shade, and just like foundation, varies with woman to woman. When looking for a natural lip color, one thing to remember is that natural lips are slightly pink, brown, or red. They are not nude.

How I would put on nude lipstick:

First I would put a clear lip balm on my lips, this is always good to do before applying lipstick. Then I would outline my lips with the same exact color as my foundation. After this I would put on the lipstick. I would finish off the look with clear lip gloss.

Image If you decide to wear nude lipstick then it’s a good idea to do a smokey eye or wear a lot of mascara for a dramatic look. If you decide to do the allover nude look like Fergie, make sure you add some color somewhere like some pink blush.

Image If you have a light skin tone, then go for a pinker shade.

Image  Add pink or peach blush plus bronzer to not look washed out.


Janelle’s nude lip color is a combo of two products: Nyx Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in London and Nyx Cosmetics Black Label Lipstick in Natural. If you have a dark skin tone then go for a beige undertone.


Try to stay with in two shades of your natural skin tone.

Thank you so much for reading!!

❤ Miri

Nude Lips

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