Color Block Fashion Trend

Fun and playful dresses in striking combinations are in. Celebrities are rocking vibrant colors like hot pink, emerald green, tangerine, sky blue, turquoise and many more hot colors. Be creative and try out color blocking on clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun-edgy look. When it comes to color-blocking with the right colors, make sure you only have one neon color. While it’s totally okay to rock three bold colors, only one of them should be super bright. If you are scared of color blocking by yourself then just cheat and buy a color block dress instead, its pretty simple. Pick one that works for your skin tone and personal style- and make sure all the colors flatter, not just one or two.


I really like how Shay wore sky blue shoes with her outfit. Notice how three colors should be the maximum amount of colors in your outfit. If you already have three colors on your dress, for example, then wear your dress with nude heels.


“Like any trend, color block requires care in its use. For his boldness does not become excessive, it is up to each of the choices that best matches your style.” (


The blue hand bag really pops in this outfit.
Thank you so much for reading ladies (and gents)!
~Miri πŸ™‚
Color Block Fashion Trend

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