Houndstooth Pattern

The houndstooth pattern was a fashion favorite in the late forties onwards. You can never go wrong with having houndstooth clothing. (TIP) Unless you are Lady Gaga don’t accessorize with the same print you are wearing. Make sure to have houndstooth in your closet for this fall and upcoming winter. Because it has a lot of options to mix and match, plus the sophistication and elegance that the pattern adds, it’s no wonder why houndstooth never goes out of style.

Rather than spending a fortune on designers such as McQueen or splashing out on the highstreet’s take on houndstooth, why not go for an original vintage piece. Vintage and charity shops, eBay and Etsy are full of great-quality tweed dresses, skirts and jackets, which will give your wardrobe an instant fashion update.

Image I would love to buy a Houndstooth jacket for the fall, it can bring a modern and vintage feel to any kind of outfit. Plus they are really stylish and cute. If you are attending a dinner party, wearing an over sized houndstooth coat or jacket over a flowing dress might do the trick.

ImageWhen I was shopping in Forever 21 I spotted a really cute houndstooth short pencil skirt. I didn’t end up buying it, but I wish I did because I know that it would go with any black top.


Selena and Teresa rocked the houndstooth pattern.

Image Houndstooth is a big trend in the winter and fall and is worth repeating, so take it upon yourself to wear houndstooth because it is such a chic, timeless, recognizable and wearable pattern.

Thank you for reading!!

~Miri ❤

Houndstooth Pattern

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