Worst dressed at Teen Choice Awards

There were three outfits that did not impress me at all. Let’s take a look:


Demi’s wild peacock dress was hideous. I understand that Demi was trying to look edgy and wild but the dress just ended up looking like a hot mess to me. It looks like the designer of the dress took his inspiration from wildlife and incorporated elements reminiscent of both birds and bees, resulting in a much too busy dress. Demi may as well have been a character in the musical, “The Lion King.” Feathers can be a nice touch occasionally, but in this particular dress, they didn’t make sense and just seemed out of place and messy. I also noticed that Demi’s breast was peaking out of the side of her dress, which was not sexy, but downright trashy. The dress was not flattering on Demi because it was too short, bringing attention to her larger thighs. A longer dress may have given her legs extra length and made them look slimmer. I will admit, the shoes were a good choice, and her face is pretty, as always. But the dress didn’t do her justice. What did you think?


Who wears a black sweatshirt and metallic pants together? First of all who even wears metallic pants?! The teen choice awards is an event for pretty dresses and fancy clothes. I don’t understand this look. These pants would work better as a costume, maybe Kat Deeley could rock this look for Halloween. 😉


This one hits me close to home because I’m such an enormous fan of the adorable Ashley Benson. The Pretty Little Liars star attempted a sultry look with a Monique Lhuillier bodice, but those pants just don’t work for her shape. Ashley has a fabulous figure, so I don’t know why she would hide it underneath those ill-fitting pants! Ashley should have worn a short black pencil skirt instead of the pants which are doing nothing for her body.

Worst dressed at Teen Choice Awards

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