My Fair Lady

One of my favorite movies is My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn. Early on, I was stunned by the costumes worn by Hepburn in the movie. They were over-the-top and fabulous!

If you’re not familiar with the plot of the movie, I’ll briefly summarize: This is a story of a poor young girl, Eliza, who lives in England and speaks with an accent that immediately distinguishes her as a member of a lower social class. She encounters a professor of phoenetics who eventually agrees to teach her “proper” English. Eliza soon becomes a “lady” and her new social graces are tested as she attends various upper class events. First, Eliza is brought to a horse race. In this scene of the movie she wears the marvelous dress which is featured above. But she is not the only one wearing an eye-catching dress; most of the women attending the horse race were also wearing black and white dresses with oversized hats, bows, and ruffles. I was amazed, even after watching this movie for the millionth time, by the impressive outfits, some classic and elegant, others choppy and abstract. I determined that the costume designer ( Cecil Beaton) of this film must have been a creative genius! The wonderfully designed costumes won him a much deserved Academy Award.

The lace, large broad hat, sash and belt to accent the small waist, high boned collar, and brushing of the floor of the dress all demonstrate early 20th century European fashion tendencies


The next dress was worn in the ball where she danced with the princess. She looked like an angel and a princess. The gown was dazzling and gorgeous. The hair and eye catching jewelry completed the outfit.

Lastly is the pink dress she wore in the last scene.

This dress may be a bit to “princessy”, cheesy, and rosy for my taste. But I could tell a lot of hard work went into designing this dress, and if anyone but Audrie Hepburn wore this dress then it would not be what it was.

My Fair Lady

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