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My Fair Lady

26 Jul

One of my favorite movies is My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn. Early on, I was stunned by the costumes worn by Hepburn in the movie. They were over-the-top and fabulous!

If you’re not familiar with the plot of the movie, I’ll briefly summarize: This is a story of a poor young girl, Eliza, who lives in England and speaks with an accent that immediately distinguishes her as a member of a lower social class. She encounters a professor of phoenetics who eventually agrees to teach her “proper” English. Eliza soon becomes a “lady” and her new social graces are tested as she attends various upper class events. First, Eliza is brought to a horse race. In this scene of the movie she wears the marvelous dress which is featured above. But she is not the only one wearing an eye-catching dress; most of the women attending the horse race were also wearing black and white dresses with oversized hats, bows, and ruffles. I was amazed, even after watching this movie for the millionth time, by the impressive outfits, some classic and elegant, others choppy and abstract. I determined that the costume designer ( Cecil Beaton) of this film must have been a creative genius! The wonderfully designed costumes won him a much deserved Academy Award.

The lace, large broad hat, sash and belt to accent the small waist, high boned collar, and brushing of the floor of the dress all demonstrate early 20th century European fashion tendencies


The next dress was worn in the ball where she danced with the princess. She looked like an angel and a princess. The gown was dazzling and gorgeous. The hair and eye catching jewelry completed the outfit.

Lastly is the pink dress she wore in the last scene.

This dress may be a bit to “princessy”, cheesy, and rosy for my taste. But I could tell a lot of hard work went into designing this dress, and if anyone but Audrie Hepburn wore this dress then it would not be what it was.


25 Jul

Girls, blazers are a must have! They are easy to just through over a dress or even a plain shirt! While it’s fine to choose a classic option, like a trench or cardigan, my favorite solution is the blazer. There is an unbelievable selection of blazers in stores now. Now many people have started wearing colorful blazers, instead of classic colored  like black, white, and brown. If you have a yellow, pink, and orange dress for example, its great to match it with a yellow blazer. These are great for your summer, spring, and fall wardrobe. So if you feel like buying a blazer now, know that you can use it well into next season.

Image Fitted blazers go well with dresses, whereas the boyfriend blazer, which is bulky in structure, does not. The best blazer to be worn with a dress is the classic tuxedo-cut blazer, which can easily be worn day or night.




ImageA blazer is a great statement piece to add to your wardrobe.


The Denim Dress

22 Jul

If you are a jean/denim lover then you will love denim dresses. They are casual and cute. The laid-back mood of denim suits summer.”They don’t work for everyone, but these gals sure as hell can pull them off”. ~Marie Claire.

“A denim dress is quite different from any other dress, because denim is a mood and a lifestyle and an attitude, as well as a fabric”


She looks great in this dress, it looks really well made.


This doesn’t even look like Denim!! Yet it is, and its really cute.


That dress just fits her perfectly. It’s a bit long but it looks good on her because she is slim and tall.


I like the accessories Jessica paired the dress with. She looks very young and pretty in it.


She looks hot in that dress!


18 Jul

I am loving lavender. Its a very sweet innocent girly color. My room is painted this color. Its a nice color to have a dress or a purse in. Also I love the lavender nailpolish

There is something simply feminine and fresh about the color tone




Outfit of the day

17 Jul

I absolutely love this green dress that my friend bought from T.J Max. You can actually find a lot of cute clothes in T.J Max don’t be surprised!  I love the design and color. It’s a very bold dress. I decided to pair the dress with gold accessories because of the golden buttons. But she could also diffidently wear the dress with black pumps or wedges and add a black purse. The pumps would make the outfit a lot more fancy, but by pairing the dress with gladiator sandals I made it casual. Please comment and like, it means a lot. 🙂

ImageImage ImageImage


Shout out

17 Jul

Giving a shout out to a awesome blogger cupcakesakura (.wordpress). She is one of my recent followers and keeps up with all of my posts, you should check out her blog too, she writes about everything girly and sweet. 🙂



17 Jul

I recently learned that if you go to their website and then click on “Dress Up” you can try out their clothes on a model and see how it looks. So I was playing around with it, and came up with some cool outfits.Do you like them? 🙂