Nude heels

For many teens and women this is a wardrobe must have. Instead of choosing the classic black heals, choose Nude! While they may seem difficult to wear with things you already own, they’re not. Because nude (like black) is a neutral, they go with almost everything. If you ever have an internship or job where you need to dress more formally, pair your pumps with a skirt/suit combo. They’ll spice up your more conservative outfit and showcase your awesome sense of style while still being office-appropriate. Image

Nude heels

2 thoughts on “Nude heels

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    I totally agree and lo e the choices above! Nudes are a must have! I know falls coming up but I scored a Zara nude strappy sandal with the clear heel that looks like glass for sale @ 25.99€. Can’t wait to wear them. I have a pair of Nude MK peep toes, wish I got them a half size larger because they really feel tight after an hour!

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