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Pink Lipstick

25 Jun

Pink lipstick is the perfect summer/spring alternative the the classic red lip. With such a bright lip color, you’ll want to make sure you go easy on the eye makeup, especially if you’re planning on wearing this as a casual, daytime look. Hot pink lipstick is also a great alternative for those nights when you want something bold and daring but don’t want bright red lips. Wearing such a dramatic, in-your-face lip color isn’t something that everyone should attempt. Make sure you have the confidence to pull it off, and if you’re not comfortable wearing it, don’t. Comment if you have any questions!


Tribal Prints!

22 Jun

This print is really exotic and wild. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and embrace wild patterns. Tanks and dresses in this print are fabulous! The pattern is inspired by African, South American, and Indonesian prints. If you don’t have this print in your wardrobe than go out and buy one!! ❤

Red Lipstick

15 Jun

What woman doesn’t love lipstick? The ability to transform your face resides in one little reliable tube packed with color. Red lipstick, on the other hand can be kind of scary. Most women leave the true red power lipstick to those making a bold statement. But it doesn’t have to be your signature style or part of a Halloween costume for red lipstick to be fun and casual. One thing to remember with makeup is that you put all of your attention on either the eyes or the lips. So if you decide to wear bright lipstick then don’t put on a load of mascara or eyeshadow. If you want more tips on red lipstick or if you have any questions just comment.

Anne Hathaway

Megan Fox



14 Jun

Zippers rock, honestly they make life easier, but I think they also can be used as an accessorize or decorate your dress just like a button could. They give you a really edgy “motorcycle girl” type of look. Not since the 1960s have showy zips been so popular as focal points on garments or accessories. Zippers are sprouting on every garment from biker jackets, to coats and especially on dresses. Now the external zip is a fashion statement!


Nude heels

11 Jun

For many teens and women this is a wardrobe must have. Instead of choosing the classic black heals, choose Nude! While they may seem difficult to wear with things you already own, they’re not. Because nude (like black) is a neutral, they go with almost everything. If you ever have an internship or job where you need to dress more formally, pair your pumps with a skirt/suit combo. They’ll spice up your more conservative outfit and showcase your awesome sense of style while still being office-appropriate. Image

Summer inspired flower looks

5 Jun


Instead of having a dress or shirt covered in flowers, how about just one? I designed some of these looks.

The first picture is of a woman who is going to work but is still dressed in the summer mood.Image