Find Your Style Through Minimalism

9 Apr

Imagine a closet with only your favorite clothes and a room with less stuff.

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Minimalism is all about owning only what is useful to you. I took this concept and decided to completely re-do my closet. I have recently found it very difficult to simply wake up in the morning and put together an outfit in less than five minutes. I would look at my mess of clothes and only see clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in, that I don’t feel confident in, or that I simply don’t like.

I was tired of waiting for college to pick out the clothes that I actually like and take them with me. First, I went through every single item in my closet and sorted my clothes into three categories: keep, toss, or maybe. “Keep” means I wear the clothing item often and I love it. “Toss” means I have not worn it in a very long time and I won’t miss it. “Maybe” means I don’t quite love it but I tend to wear it often. I put the “maybes” away in my closet to see if I would reach for them. If I didn’t reach for them then I would eventually toss them.

After I was finished I was left with only the clothes that I actually wear and love. I also had way more space and my room just seemed cleaner and not as cluttered anymore. Since it used to be difficult for me to dig through all of my clothes and find an outfit, I would always try to pick out my outfit the night before. However after donating the “tosses” and organizing my closet, I woke up the next morning and picked out an outfit in one minute. It was so easy to just look in my closet and see only everything that I like.

I am not suggesting to go through extreme minimalism and only leave yourself with the clothes that are useful to you because then you don’t get to have a variety of options. I chose to use some concepts of minimalism to decrease the size of my wardrobe and have only all of my staples and pieces that I love to wear left in my closet.

By being really honest with yourself and deciding what clothes you actually wear and enjoy, you will start to figure out your style. You will find find that putting together outfits and feeling confident in them will be so much easier. Not only was this process a magical de-stresser but it also saves so much time and is definitely a great way to help you find a personal style!

Have a fantastic week! Let me know if you decide to do this or have done this!


My Favorite Fall Trends!!

29 Aug


The first fall trend that I am obsessed with is mini skirts! They have made a come back from the 90s with people wearing a variety of different skirts such as pocket skirts, jean skirts, and high-waisted skirts. These are awesome for showing off your legs and overall look really great paired with a sweater or crop top.


Another skirt trend I love for the fall is the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts of all kinds flatter all body types and can be dressed up and dressed down. While many pencil skirts are made out of thin fabric, you can also find cozy knitted pencil skirts that function better for chilly weather.


Boyfriend jeans are another very trendy item for fall. They look so laid back, cool, and are super comfy!


My last favorite is the turtleneck crop top. This top is a little bit odd because its knit and sleeveless; therefore people normally don’t know how to wear it for days that are chilly. However, this problem is easily solved because it looks really cute under a cardigan or jacket! I prefer the long sleeve turtleneck crop top that looks amazing with anything that is high waisted.






Tell me what your favorite trend for fall is!

Thank you for reading!


My Pictures of Italian Window Displays

3 Aug

While walking around Rome, Florence, Venice, and other beautiful Italian cities I took pictures of these amazing window displays. Enjoy!

P1050761 P1050969 P1050970 P1050977P1050979P1050986P1050990P1050991P1050992P1050999P1060082P1060085P1060089P1060128P1060160P1060184P1060185P1060191P1060195P1060221P1060239P1060241P1060284P1060313P1060312P1060317P1060480P1060481P1060202

-Miri xx

Style Observations from my Trip to Italy

16 Jul

Hello lovely readers!

I just got back from my trip to Italy and I wanted to share some of my fashion observations from there. I don’t have many because I didn’t get to go to Milan, but I hope you find the ones I do have interesting.

I learned that Italians love blue mirror lens sunglasses. I was wearing the ones I brought from America most of the time and was amazed to see many people of both genders twinning with me. These sunglasses are not nearly as popular in America as they are in Italy. Printed slouch pants are also very in right now. They are sold everywhere at a variety of cheap prices in Italy in many different prints and colors. Women don’t really wear shorts in Italy, so these pants are perfect for them in the summer because they are light and comfortable. They do look a little bit like pajama pants so they are only worn casually. Men were really into their pants in Italy. They were sporting either cropped pants, drop crotch pants, or cuffed pants.

Thank you for reading,

Miri xx

Why are pineapples so trendy?

18 May

I think it’s pretty funny what goes into style sometimes. Somehow a fruit made it onto countless items for both genders such as sunglasses, earrings, shirts, dresses, shorts, pants… you name it! (By the way: I call dibs on being the first one to determine that the watermelon trend is next!) My guess as to why pineapples became so popular is because they remind people of summer and exotic places like Hawaii. The crown of the pineapple looks similar to the leaves of a palm tree which is also another popular print this season. People love the look of anything tropical and happy for summer which is why the yellow color of the pineapple is so appealing to people. Pineapples are more then just a yummy fruit, they are also a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Leave me a comment on why you think this unexpected fashion trend became so popular!

Pineapple fashion trend

Thank you for reading!

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Miri xx

Prom Dress Finds Under $200!!!

25 Apr

Hello lovelies,

It is that time of the year again; prom! Prom is when a girl is asked by a boy to a dance at her high school and gets to wear a beautiful dress and have her makeup, nails, and hair done. It can be difficult to find the perfect dress, but have no fear, I have found some gorgeous dresses that you might like!

I love this light pink dress because the minimal details make it look simple and polished yet the dress still looks appropriate for a fancy night like prom. This cute dress look great with jewelry and silver or nude heels.


This is also a simple dress but the back of it is what really makes the dress a unique one.

white dress

Clearly you are getting the point that I love when the back of a dress is interesting. This dress is perfect for a girly girl because of the giant bow which I think looks so awesome. People will definitely remember this fun dress.




This black dress is great for a girl who has edgy style. You don’t have to wear a colorful dress with sparkles. You can express yourself however you want and wear something that fits your personal style. I love the black color for this dress with the amazing back. Pull the look together with red lipstick and a pair of black heels.



May the odds be ever in your favor for finding a perfect dress!

-Miri xx

Show Off Your Tan in Style!

7 Apr

Hellooo to all of you sun-kissed goddesses!

I just got back from my trip to Utah, Arizona, and Las Vegas and it was really warm there most of the time. So because I tan easily and don’t use much sunscreen, which I know is horrible, my skin got a little darker. I personally love a little bit of a tan on what was my pale winter skin, so I use clothes to make my skin look brighter, warmer, and darker. In the winter, white clothing tends to wash people out, however when you are tan, white is the best option to make your skin appear darker. Neon and pastel colors are also a great way to accentuate your tan because they provide a contrast to your skin color that will make your tan stand out. Coral is another trendy color that will make your complexion appear warmer and will bring out even the smallest amount of sun your skin has absorbed. If you are really tan, the color gold is a really great option because will look make you feel like a gorgeous tanned goddess! I hope you are all having a warm spring or are looking forward to a hot summer because I certainly am! Grab some inspiration for how to rock your tan from these pictures:


white HAUTE & REBELLIOUS jumper - gold all gold HAUTE & REBELLIOUS accessories

Coral Outfit Ideas - Coral Skirt

Thank you for reading!

-Miri xx