Men Stepping into Bold Socks

15 Jul

While in Paris, I noticed a very peculiar clothing choice that lots of men are sporting. This however was not my first time seeing the spectacle. This spring when I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to New York, I noticed an elderly men’s socks. The man was dressed in a pea coat, a tailored suit, and nice shoes; however, since he was sitting, the bottom of his pants rode up about two inches and this drew my attention to his multicolored striped socks. I initially thought to myself: why would he ruin a perfectly good outfit with a pair of socks fit for a clown! So I pointed this man’s socks out to my dad, who immediately speculated that this man has a very good taste and possibly even works in fashion or in something having to do with art. After hearing this explanation I realized that his funky socks reveal about his quirky, artsy, and fun personality. Since then I have been on the lookout for stylish men completing their outfits with an awesome pair of socks.

I noticed lots of men on the metro in Paris with polka-dotted, striped, plaid, bright-colored, and all kinds of socks. I was thoroughly impressed with this small effort to show off their personality and type of style with a pair of socks. The funny thing is that probably nobody even notices their socks, only people who see the little things will notice. So if you do notice their socks, they probably wouldn’t mind if you let them know that they have some pretty great socks on. Because I know that I learned to appreciate socks a lot more and the next time I see someone wearing cool socks, I will surely compliment them!

Girls: Just as my friend Sasha has, you can rock fun stockings or socks too!


If you are not already following this trend sock it up guys!

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~Miri xx

My Outfits in Paris + Style Observations

11 Jul

Today is my first day back from my amazing trip to Paris. Here are a few of my favorite outfit combinations that I wore throughout my trip. It was quite chilly in Paris so I took my vintage jean jacket with me and wore it whenever it was cold. I took shoes that I knew I could walk the whole day around in. I alternated between my gold colored gladiator sandals and my black Converse high tops. Something that I learned about style and clothing choices in Paris is that both men and women live in their pants all year long and you can hardly ever spot them wearing shorts (unless with tights). So I thought that I fit in rather smoothly with my dark denim skinny jeans. As for my black skater skirt; I ended up matching with other teenage girls from America. However, I do not regret taking the skirt to Paris because Parisians also love dresses and skirts and my skirt is especially easy to pair with almost anything since it is black and high-waisted. I do regret not taking a scarf because Parisians do wear a lot of scarves, even in the summer, and make their outfits look so effortless and chic by just throwing on a scarf, jacket, leaving their hair messy, and pulling their whole look together with a bold lip hue.





2014-07-07 03.53.40

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My Six Favorite Polish Colors For Summer

4 Jul

Express yourself with these really cute nail polish colors that are perfect for summer!

Hot Pink:


Baby Pink:


Baby Blue:


Flaming Orange:



Let me know in the comments which colors are your favorite!

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Monday-Sunday Summer Outfits

26 Jun

Hello summer-loving fashionistas!

I came up with several bold and stylish outfits that I think would be fun to wear throughout the week, with the intention of you possibly finding pieces in here that you are not sure about how to style or what to wear them with. I hope you find these depictions helpful and like the outfits!








hey girl





this outfit






Let me know which outfit is your favorite and if you would wear any of these!

Thank you for stopping by lovelies :)

~Miri xx

Try Overalls This Summer

16 Jun

Overalls are a very tricky piece of clothing to be able to pull off. Many of you may recognize them as a piece that has existed ever since your childhood. Overalls are have been brought back from the 90′s and are now being sold in nearly every store. They are sold in many different forms that include different colors, styles, prints, and more.

On a cooler day in the summer you can try out overalls that are meant to keep you a little warmer with a crisp white collared shirt underneath. With the overalls that Watson is sporting, she could have also paired them with a simple short sleeve shirt or a patterned collared shirt; there are endless options.

With regular short cut overalls you can style it with a crop top underneath and bare your midriff. I especially love how cute the girl below made the trend look because she chose an adorable white lace shirt and a flower headband to pair the jean overalls with.

Adding interesting accessories to snazz up your outfit and make it look automatically stylish.

Add a colorful or patterned shirt under the overalls for a more playful and fun look.

Enjoy this cute trend this summer and let me know what you think of it!

~Miri xx

Summer Fashion Trends For Guys

4 Jun

Yes ladies and gents, you have read the word “summer”, I hope you have all been enjoying the sun! I’ve been all about girl fashion lately so I think it’s time to bring the guys into the spotlight. So here is a list I came up with along with pictures and descriptions:

1. Floral and tropical: You don’t have to be flamboyant or be in love with girly prints to wear floral if you’re a guy. Floral is vibrant, bold, loud but also very versatile and stylish.

floral 002


2. V-Necks: A reason you may not like your shirt is because it makes you look like you have no neck or it has a weird collar that makes your neck and shoulders look horrible. A V-neck shirt almost never disappoints and always makes guys look good. If you don’t have some already make sure to invest in them for summer and other seasons!

3. White: I especially love this color choice for the summer because if you’re tan, this is your go to color.


4. Graphic Tees: Even if you are someone that doesn’t give a hoot about fashion, throw on a graphic tee and you will look effortlessly stylish, simple as that! An awesome place to get one is from Amazon.

5. Blue: More specifically baby blue or teal but whatever floats your boat; I think that every guy looks good in baby blue so go pick one out!

6. Camouflage: Pick lightweight fabrics that are t-shirts, tanks, or shorts in this cool and trendy print.

I can go on and on so if you would like for me to do a part two, I would be glad to do so! Please let me know what you thought of this post in the comments!

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Out With Boring In With Tie Dye

18 May

Tie dye is the best and most stylish excuse for being able to wear a piece of clothing with up to an endless amount of different colors on it at once. It is almost summer guys so we must get on the tie dye trend! Tie dye makes me so happy; it brings back warm memories of summer camps and sunny days.

Tie dye is bold so you might as well go all out with it, like crop your T-Shirt and pair it with high waisted shorts or pants!

Or make it look incredibly couture and chic with an awesome pair of sunglasses and a fancy jacket.

There are really endless options with tie dye! Like maxi skirts ( I saw some fantastic ones at Target by the way) and dresses!


Tie dye does not have to be colorful, so if you aren’t into that sort of thing it can be just two colors like black and white!

Admit it, you want to go purchase those tie dye maxi skirts from Target now ;)

Thank you for reading!!

~Miri xxx




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