Oscar De La Renta

21 Oct

I walked into the fashion class that I take at my school today and was immediately informed by the class that Oscar De La Renta had passed away. The fashion world lost an amazing designer today; however, Oscar De La Renta’s work and great achievements in fashion will not be forgotten. Oscar began his work as a Dominican fashion designer. At the age of 19 he moved to Spain and his fashion career bloomed from there as he moved to Paris and then to New York. In the 1960s Oscar became internationally known as one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s couturiers. He became a highly respected and established American designer. Oscar designed his garments with elegance and believed that the women who wore his pieces must feel and look beautiful. My favorite looks by Oscar De La Renta are his wedding dresses, runway looks, and red carpet dresses. Here are some of these beautiful pieces:

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue

Kate Upton in Oscar de la Renta Vogue

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue Amal Alamuddin

Oscar de la Renta in Vogue

Oscar de la Renta

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Trend Alert For Guys and Girls: Mustard

5 Oct

Ladies and gentlemen, it is all about mustard this fall! This color trend may pass quickly, so take full advantage of it now! Mustard is a deep yellow which resembles the falling yellow leaves in fall.  For women, this is an easy color to invest in. But for men, this is a risky color. However, with the correct styling you can look great. The key to pulling this trend off is by making mustard the center of attention. Meaning, tone down the rest of the colors in the outfit. Stick to neutrals such as black, blue, gray, and white. They are the safest bet for both genders to pair with this color. Girls, you may even try pairing mustard with burgundy; another popular fall color. Also, I discovered an excellent picture on the web depicting what colors go with mustard: the picture is the first one below! Yellow is a color known to lighten the mood so why not opt for this version of yellow? If you see a mustard sweater or pants (which I especially love for guys) etc., please do consider making the purchase, it is a great color for fall! Here are some fashion-forward outfits that you can pull inspiration from:

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Or maybe we should just get some fashion pointers from this cute little kid!

My Homecoming Outfit

29 Sep

Several of you asked to see what my dress looked like so here are some pictures that we took before the school dance! I am the one in the purple dress!






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New York Fashion Week

12 Sep

I need a ticket to New York! I am dying to see these amazing fashion pieces in person. I picked out some outfits that I love which were worn on and off the runway.This clothing is actually meant to showcase spring/summer fashion but a lot of the clothing can be used as inspiration for your fall style. For spring of 2015 you will still be seeing floral prints, crisp collars, metallic colors, fringed accessories and clothing , dressed up skirts, pop art prints, color blocking, midriffs, and so much more that I cannot simply list off in one sentence!














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Transition Your Crop Tops Into Fall

3 Sep

The crop top is a piece that can be worn during all of the seasons, not only summer. Although you can wear a shirtsleeve crop top in the fall, the best choice would be to invest in several long sleeve crop tops for the cold days. Of course if your short sleeve shirt won’t keep you warm, then bring a knit cardigan or jacket that you could throw on! Here are several ways that you can wear them in the fall:

Wear crop tops with a maxi skirt:

Wear them with high-waisted pants:

Wear them with shorts and tights:

Jason Wu, Sergio Rossi, Topshop, Crop top, Celine bag, Miu Miu

Wear them with a circle skirt or skater  skirt:

Wear them with any kind of high-waisted skirt:

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Be The Trendsetter

25 Aug

Often times, girls tend to dress like clones and just copy everything that other girls wear to look cool. Try to refrain from purchasing all of your clothing from Hollister and Lululemon simply because that is the “thing” to do. It is best to buy clothing that looks great on you and still looks fashionable! Purchase clothing from all different stores, while still keeping tabs on fashion trends. Don’t only limit yourself to purchasing expensive clothing, you can buy excellent second hand clothing but for much less money from many stores as well. Look for clothing that fits your personality and that people will recognize as your style! Be the girl that looks stylish and cute, instead of the girl that blends into the crowd and looks like everyone else….be a trendsetter. Look different then others yet still look much more fashion forward! If others like what you are wearing, then they will catch on, and it is likely that you will see some people wearing the same clothing the next week. Keep in mind, however, that setting trends does not mean you have to create a completely new trend that was entirely unheard of. Instead, follow trends that are all the rage in fashion but that most people have not caught on to.


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My Take On Business Casual

9 Aug

For those of you that find business casual attire quite difficult and confusing, no worries, I have got it all figured out. When wearing clothing for work, you want to give the professional impression that will make people take you seriously. Now, when wearing clothing for school, it is simply called casual because it is much less formal then work, which means that you can wear jeans and sweatshirts. So business casual is just a less formal and laid-back option of traditional business wear. In a nutshell, business casual is a sweet combination of business clothing with everyday clothing.

Work Style.

People tend to adopt this dress code because it gives them more leeway to dress more comfortably and allows them to express themselves with their clothing. For example, bright colors, bold prints, and casual blouses, may be frowned upon with regular business attire but is good for business casual. However, although bold colors and patterns can be great, it is also important to have a sense of when neutral and classic colors are appropriate depending on your job, employer, or the type of event that you are attending. Opt for any kind of pants that are not jeans. I really love the skinny and cropped pants that women are sporting for work; you don’t have to only wear wide legged trousers! Five splendid universal pieces that work very well for this look are are cotton-blend trousers, a cardigan, blouse, collared shirt, and skirt. Ultimately, try your best to look polished, professional, and fashionable!

business casual

Business Casual

perfect work outfit at The Pretty Dish

business casual


CHLOË GRACE MORETZ photo | Chloe Grace Moretz

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